Landscape Design for small Backyard

October 1, 2022
Landscape Design For Small

small backyardIf you have a small, urban backyard you may be wondering what can make it feel more expansive and less cramped? Working with limited space may seem difficult, but at Pinehurst Landscape Company we have all the skills and expertise to take on the big challenge of a small backyard. Here are a few things that we can work into your landscape design to transform your small space into a palatial oasis.

Divide the Space

In a recent blog, we featured one of our recent projects where we turned an urban backyard into a beautiful shade garden. You may have noticed that there was a small sitting area nested amongst walkways and retaining walls. Dividing up a small space into smaller spaces may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a great way to make a space feel bigger. When you have different areas to wander through, each area is its own separate experience. Retaining walls, walkways, and trellises all help to divide a space into different areas.

Add a Privacy Screen

Adding a privacy screen around the perimeters of your space is a great way to make your backyard feel more secluded and cozy. Tall bushes or trellises with vines work well to block your backyard from the view of your neighbors or the random passerby. By adding privacy screens, your back yard feels more like a peaceful, private extension of your home where you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in peace.

Add a Water Feature

One of the best things about water features is that they can be customized into any shape or size. So, a small water feature can fit snugly in a small backyard. Adding a water feature is a great way to make your space feel larger, since the water feature acts as a dramatic focal point. Water features that have dark bottoms also magnificently reflect the sky, which gives the space a bigger feel.

Go Vertical

You may not have much square footage, but you most likely have lots of vertical space to work with. If you can’t spread out, then build up! Just as a small room with vaulted ceilings looks bigger, a small backyard with vertical planters or tall trellises looks bigger as well. Utilizing your vertical space not only helps to add privacy and peacefulness to your backyard, but it also lends a sense of impressiveness to a small space.

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Landscaping Tips

Though your home is your castle, there is no necessity to surround it with a moat. Here are 5 tips that will help you to make your landscaping feel more warm, welcoming and cozy.

1. Put some flowers nearby your entrance. Flowers make any area look more welcoming and attractive, so greeting your guests with Petunia, Snapdragon, Lily-of-the-Nile or some other garden flowers is always a great thing to do. What is more, to add some space between your house and the entrance, you can consider adding a little white fence. It will create an illusion that your front yard is bigger than it actually is. What is more, adding fence will create a great space for planting flowers to add some color and coziness.

2. Add rambling vines to make your yard look absolutely lovely. You can not deny that rambling vines always create romantic and even magical atmosphere. So why not to use this tip while decorating your yard?

3. To hide the unattractive driveway, consider adding some color, texture, and height. You can easily do it by adding various sorts of flowers. To start, create an island of green lawn right in the hub of a drive. Then add a couple of low boxwood hedges with flowers toward the back of your island.

4. If you want your yard to blossom and flourish bust still do not have enough time to maintain it, consider planting low-fuss lilies. Such flowers look absolutely gorgeous and come in the variety of rainbow hues, so you can pick the one you love most. What is more, low-fuss lilies do not care about the sort of soil, they love the sun and welcome hot, they do not afraid of drought. In other words, Crinums is an ideal flower for all those who are looking for low-maintenance solutions.

5. The last tip also touches the low-maintenance aspect. To make your life easier, group plantings into beds and islands. This will help you to avoid mowing and trimming around each individual plant, save a lot of time and even money.

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