Landscaping Maintenance Services

June 23, 2018
Landscaping Maintenance

No matter how well designed and easy to maintain the landscape is, there is always an irreducible minimum of pruning, fertilizing and primping to do in the yard. Helping our commercial and residential customers enhance their landscape is a vital part of Barnes services.

Barnes offers comprehensive estimates for any landscape maintenance work. Barnes personnel can estimate your yard work after an on-site visit with you, or on our own when you are not available. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to walk the property with your Barnes professional to discuss the work to be done in detail.

Seasonal clean-ups are designed to take care of planting beds (see BedCare) and overall yard maintenance, with attention to the appropriate seasonal practices. For example, in the spring, pruning, herbicide and mulching are important. In the fall, leaf removal and fertilization are appropriate.


Barnes Nursery Inc. provides an expert bed maintenance service that can include the following:

  • Selective pruning — controls the size and shape and improves plant health
  • Defining bed lines — enhances overall appearance by proper edge cutting
  • Weeding and weed control — removes existing weeds and adds herbicide (weed preventer)
  • Fertilizing — provides nutrients to support healthy plant growth
  • Mulching — provides a finished, professional appearance to the landscape. Mulch also: retains soil moisture by preventing the sun from baking soil surfaces; prevents wind from drying and eroding soil surfaces; allows water to penetrate soil reducing run off; prevents some weed seeds from germinating; Insect and disease control.

Barnes manages pests when they threaten plant health. Estimates for insect and disease control are provided. For more detailed information on specific pest problems or comprehensive control programs see Insect and Disease Control.

Seasonal color plantings (annuals, perennials, bulbs)

Barnes designs and installs flower bed plantings, utilizing the latest selection of bulbs, perennials, and annuals throughout the growing season. Our staff can assist you in choosing the flower varieties and colors that will enhance your outdoor spaces. If your flowers just need fertilizing or clean-up, we can do that too!

Seasonal container plantings—whether choosing from our outstanding selection of containers or bringing in your favorite, we can plant your favorite collection or select one for you. Barnes will bring the plants to you, plant them on the spot, if that works better.


Mowing — commercial and residential lawn mowing services. We offer these services on an as-needed basis, or for season-long contracts. Our mowing services include single-family residences, condominium communities, apartment communities and office complexes. We provide bush-hogging for those unique mowing situations that require heavier equipment.

LawnCare Programs (Liquid and Dry) — Our lawncare programs include liquid and dry fertilization programs with weed control. Insect and disease control are only included as necessary and with client approval. We provide up to a four-step fertilizer/weed control lawn care program for our customers. But recognizing that one size does not fit all, we customize programs to fit individual needs.

For a more complete explanation of these services select more lawn option.


Barnes offers a full line of tree services from trimming to removals, to tree planting, tree moving, fertilizing and insect and disease control.

For a more complete explanation of these services select more tree options.

Soil analysis

When a situation call for more specific information regarding a soil’s physical make-up, its available nutrients, or other growing conditions, Barnes will sample the soil and send those samples to a certified soil testing laboratory.


Landscaping Tips

Though your home is your castle, there is no necessity to surround it with a moat. Here are 5 tips that will help you to make your landscaping feel more warm, welcoming and cozy.

1. Put some flowers nearby your entrance. Flowers make any area look more welcoming and attractive, so greeting your guests with Petunia, Snapdragon, Lily-of-the-Nile or some other garden flowers is always a great thing to do. What is more, to add some space between your house and the entrance, you can consider adding a little white fence. It will create an illusion that your front yard is bigger than it actually is. What is more, adding fence will create a great space for planting flowers to add some color and coziness.

2. Add rambling vines to make your yard look absolutely lovely. You can not deny that rambling vines always create romantic and even magical atmosphere. So why not to use this tip while decorating your yard?

3. To hide the unattractive driveway, consider adding some color, texture, and height. You can easily do it by adding various sorts of flowers. To start, create an island of green lawn right in the hub of a drive. Then add a couple of low boxwood hedges with flowers toward the back of your island.

4. If you want your yard to blossom and flourish bust still do not have enough time to maintain it, consider planting low-fuss lilies. Such flowers look absolutely gorgeous and come in the variety of rainbow hues, so you can pick the one you love most. What is more, low-fuss lilies do not care about the sort of soil, they love the sun and welcome hot, they do not afraid of drought. In other words, Crinums is an ideal flower for all those who are looking for low-maintenance solutions.

5. The last tip also touches the low-maintenance aspect. To make your life easier, group plantings into beds and islands. This will help you to avoid mowing and trimming around each individual plant, save a lot of time and even money.

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